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Scorpion Child: Scorpion Child

All your fave bands on one handy CD.

What would Robert Plant sound like fronting Motörhead? Check out hammer‐to‐the‐floor opener Kings Highway and you might just find out.

It’s a bizarre sonic illusion that this Texas five‐piece pull off more than once on this frenetic debut, but it’s a pretty good one that bears repetition. Lead singer Aryn Jonathan Black has a set of pipes that could strip paint off the hull of a battleship, and he also does a mean Noddy Holder.

Allied to the twin‐guitar tornado whipped up by Chris Cowart and Tom Frank, the effect is a little like sticking your head in a wind tunnel of pure metal fury – except for when they switch gears for the sweetly Zepplin‐esque Antioch. Excellent, noisy stuff.