Scalphunter - Lies album review

Riotous Aussie rockers break open the bourbon

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As much as lazy national stereotypes should be resisted, Perth’s Scalphunter aren’t doing much to distance themselves from typical lairy Aussie clichés with their bullshit-free, chaoti-cas-fuck approach to rock music. While it might elicit a frown from the Australian tourist board, Lies is great news for your ears if you love your music unrefined, whiskey-soaked and of the shit-kicking variety. Taking cues from The Stooges via Motörhead, Zeke, The Bronx and Wilson, this is an album that totally bypasses originality – which Scalphunter will undoubtedly be delighted to know – in favour of heart, guts and sweat. A riot from start to finish, songs like the breakneck throat-ripper Best Of Me will almost certainly inspire even the most passive listener to end up naked from the waist up, brandishing nothing but a broken beer bottle and a smile. Ripper.