Satan’s Wrath: Galloping Blasphemy

Black metallers tip their caps to the men who made the genre

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Do you remember 1984? The US Olympics opened with a man in a jet pack, Mercyful Fate unleashed their masterpiece Don’t Break The Oath and Possessed released the Death Metal demo. Two of these made a big impact on Satan’s Wrath.

Every track on Galloping Blasphemy sounds like it could have featured on an early Metal Massacre compilation. This is black metal in the original sense of the term – heavy metal with the focus clearly on Satan.

Album opener Leonard Rising – Night Of The Whip lovingly evokes the sound of Fate’s twin lead attack and Between Belial And Satan could be a lost track from Possessed’s Seven Churches. Every song reeks of leather jackets and studs. Elements of Hellhammer and Hallow’s Eve crop up too; in fact all that is best about 80s metal raises its devil-horned head.

Galloping Blasphemy is music for bullet-belts and cut-off patch jackets. Hell, they’re so metal, they sound like they even have Venom patches on their dressing gowns. And just try to find a better song title than One Thousand Goats In Sodom.