Salvation: Resurrect The Tradition

Behold the debut album from Salvation

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This is an exciting Floridian metallic hardcore band featuring members of Pro-Pain, Struggl, Crumbsuckers and Burn The Kingdom.

Formed in 2013 after meeting at a First Blood concert and later completed by bassist Gary Meskil, this band have gained huge hype touring and this first recording in no way disappoints.

This album gathers and celebrates all of the richest aspects of hardcore: the gruff vocals, the purposeful lyrics and songtitles, the grim aggression. This may feel short for its 11 tracks but there is barely a weak one. Standouts are By Any Means, Keep It Real and Death Sentence, all of which are full of the empowerment and energy shown in their live shows. Hardcore, both as a musical style and a way of being, matters deeply to this band and makes for a most convincing debut.

Via Mighty Music