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Saint Agnes go for the jugular on Vampire

Vampire is horror-flick mini-album fantasia from London’s dark dockland hopes Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes: Vampire
(Image: © Death Or Glory Gang)

On their 2019 debut album Welcome To Silvertown, Saint Agnes populated their run-down corner of East London wasteland with secret witches, devils and death-or-glory gangs, painted in shades of vivid noirrock. 

For this lockdown mini-album follow-up – six tracks plus horror-mood interludes – the human masks come off. ‘You call me evil, but baby I’m so much worse,’ singer Kitty A Austen snarls on This World Ain’t Big Enough, and so it transpires. 

Repent finds her indulging in vengeful torture porn, Vampire details her propensity for emotional blood-sucking, and she yowls the title of I’m With You Everywhere You Go as half promise, half undead threat. 

Between bursts of bubblegum melody, her façade of innocence melts away like a demon’s babydoll disguise, just as her band also expose their true face: visceral, corroded, dynamically hypnotic industrial slaughter-rock. 

Witness them turning Grinderman’s No Pussy Blues into an electro-punk barrage akin to intrusive laser surgery going very wrong indeed, or pummelling through Wish, the gruesome slash-‘em-up finale that no one survives. 

Talk about going for the jugular.