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Sabbath Assembly: Quaternity

Conceptual occult hymn duo experience highs and lows

Album number three from Sabbath Assembly sees the Texan twosome once again explore the theology of the Process Church Of The Final Judgment (a sect that worship both Christ and Satan), only this time around instead of adapting Processian hymns, they have added mostly original lyrics to the acoustic-based music.

Comprising six tracks, the self-declared sacred folk metal act’s opus can be a little hammy, especially for the unenlightened, but there’s much to your teeth into. A heavy offering in terms of lyrical content, musically Quarternity is reminiscent of the softer parts of Jeff Wayne’s epic The War Of The Worlds, and only the doom-y, electric guitar-led I, Satan offers anything traditionally metallic, despite the record featuring appearances from members of Sunn O))) and Gorguts.

The eerie, string-laden Jehovah On Death is a stand-out, but the 18-minute The Four Horsemen isn’t nearly as engaging as the band think it is, which lets proceedings down considerably.