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Riviere - Heal album review

Expansive, electro-tinged French crew splay out their stall

Album art for Riviere HEAL

If progressive metal, post- hardcore or electro-tinged alt-rock float your boat, Riviere might just be the band to add to your regular playlist.

This French four-piece coax influences from all manner of genres on their debut. Heady electronic flourishes introduce opener New Cancer – the antithesis of its grim title – which quickly unfurl into layers of expansive guitars and shimmering melodies. The long build-up is undeniably satisfying as Arnaud Laffont’s searing vocals eventually take centre stage. Complex riffs sit alongside instrumental noodling on Golden Wounds whilst the glorious fragility of Satin Night is reminiscent of Saturday Night Wrist-era Deftones. Midway, the rhythmic pace alters once again; 80s synth-tinged beats run through the melancholic heart of slow-burner Cobalt but it’s the stunning sax solo on Symbol that ensures this LP throws up a range of dynamic surprises. A captivating introduction to a band with an exciting future ahead.