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Ribozyme: Grinding Tune

Progressive Nordic rockers measure out the pleasure

Making biology sexy, Ribozyme (named after molecules that catalyse a chemical reaction, FYI) have gently catalysed their own sound over four albums from grungy Tool worshippers to a proggier Incubus.

Grinding Tune balances their capricious tendencies, and laidback harmonies. The early punkish fury has given way to a more grandiose treatment on the guitars, revealing their ambition to concoct an emotive, shoegazey feel that owes a lot to Oceansize and while the almost sedentary pace sometimes loses Grinding Tune some momentum (and screams Tool) there are groovier moments too.

Cut In Half chugs along with a gentle shimmy, the angular thrust of Bronze is primed for the live arena while Timely Reminder’s disco beat shows off the band’s cheerful side.

Some of the tracks sound like a bland Alice In Chains without any genuine anguish but these Norwegians have still created an enjoyable blend./o:p