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Rendezvous Point: Solar Storm

Explosive experimentalism with a Nordic pedigree

Following in the footsteps of Leprous, Rendezvous Point are all about heartwrenching vocals, grandiose refrains and plenty of progressive nuances.

Though short-lived, opener Through The Solar Storm is almost crippling in its ability to reach for dark, deep-felt emotions and most of the album continues in the same vein, plunging into a swathe of huge, progressive and emotive tracks.

The Hunger picks up the groove with some theatrical turns from frontman Geirmund Hansen and a throwback to the prog days of yore while the 80s trip on Mirrors shows us that RP don’t keep to one formula.

There’s no room for error in the production and with members of Leprous, Borknagar and ICS Vortex, so the execution comes with a crisp attention to detail. Perfecting this kind of bombast while remaining refreshingly experimental is no mean feat and Rendezvous Point’s debut album definitely shows promise.