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Rebellious Spirit: Obsession

German kids, grown up fast.

When Rebellious Spirit’s debut album Gamble Shot was released in 2013, their singer Jannik Fischer was still only 17. His brother Jens, the band’s bassist, had just turned 20. Their naivety was writ large in the music.

Inspired by 80s hair metal, Rebellious Spirit were channeling Poison, Mötley Crüe and Skid Row. Problem was, for all their gusto, they sounded like a youth club band – feeble.

One year on, much has changed. Their sound is heavier and has a contemporary edge: less Faster Pussycat, more Velvet Revolver. Jannik Fischer’s voice has greater authority, and their new songs have far more weight.

Obsession is a modern arena-rock record in the style of H.e.a.t. Every track is an anthem. And while Summer Moved On is a throwback to the glory days of Poison, there’s an AOR influence in the standout track In My Dreams.

The whiff of cheese remains: distinctly European. But these boys have become men./o:p