Radkey: Dark Black Makeup

Band of brothers hit the target with first shot.

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Lou Reed once sang about having kids and how he would ‘keep the tyke away from school and tutor him myself/Keep him from the poison of the crowd’. Maybe Radkey’s dad was listening.

A band of three brothers (surname: Radke), black kids from Shitsville, Missouri, they were home-schooled and introduced by their dad to Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and – you would guess by singer Dee’s sonorous vocals – The Misfits.

It’s worked out well: debut album Dark Black Makeup is a thrilling half-hour of punk rock with a small ‘p’ but a big UNK! – hooky, heavy and furious in all the right places. Romance Dawn takes off like Teen Spirit, the title track swings like The Damned of Plan 9 Channel 7, and songs like Parade It could have audiences from Download to Reading bouncing in the mud.

Lock the front door and smash the Xbox. Don’t let your kids do anything until they can do this.

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