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Public Access TV - Never Enough album review

An NYC rock almanac from the city’s next great garage pop band

Public Access TV Never Enough album cover

Perhaps New York authorities have installed a fibre-optic feed directly into every home, enabling bands to stream the city’s entire rock history directly into their amps. John Eatherly’s Public Access TV certainly tap into some sort of communal seam.

The Crystals, Ramones, Blondie, Television, The Strokes, The Walkmen and the Friends theme all feed into Never Enough, their suave, glitter-ball garage pop debut, full of synapse-shagging surf punk melodies like Summertime, In Our Blood and I Don’t Wanna Live In California.

It’s the vivacious and brilliant summation of NYC rock heritage you’d expect, here at the end of rock’n’roll - or so they claim on End Of An Era. ‘They say the kids don’t like rock’n’roll any more,’ Eatherly sings, although Never Enough itself represents a new lease of life, ‘as long as we keep dancing all night then we might keep it together’. Just try stopping yourself.