Pryti: Tales Of A Melancholic

Gloomy gothic grunge without the wings

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The title of this album is an apt fit, given that as soon as you start listening to it you get the feeling that the Birmingham-based singer-songwriter must have been properly down in the dumps when she wrote and recorded it.

While some of the best music has come from artists emotionally purging themselves out of a dark place, here it doesn’t evoke any feelings other than boredom.

Tales… sounds as if Amy Lee decided to sit around in her pyjamas eating ice cream and feeling sorry for herself instead of writing radio-bothering anthems. Although Pryti’s vocals are equally capable, they’re devoid of the emotion and character that defines the Evanescence frontwoman. While the moody riffs draw heavy influence from Deftones, Chino would give Stephen Carpenter a right telling off if he ever wrote anything so sub-par. At just 10 songs it drags on far too long, as a meandering plod through the motions that is far more exasperating than it is affecting.