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Primal Fear’s Metal Commando: the power metal Jedi Masters return

Power metal warhorses Primal Fear show their class on lucky thirteenth album Metal Commando

Primal Fear - Metal Commando
(Image: © Nuclear Blast)

After 13 studio albums and 22 years, we know exactly what to expect from Primal Fear. Led by ex-Gamma Ray frontman Ralf Scheepers and Sinner guitarist Mat Sinner, the Germans have made power metal an artform. Even in middle-age Scheepers remains an exceptional singer and Primal Fear focus their songwriting around this prize asset with laser-guided precision. Unafraid to use keyboards to contrast those pneumatic twin guitars, they strike 24-karat gold with killer anthems such as Along Came The Devil. Signing off with the 13-minute epic Infinity, Metal Commando reinforces Primal Fear’s status as Jedi masters of their genre.

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