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Premonition 13: 13

How Black is my Crimson?

When Premonition 13 vocalist Scott Weinrich describes this trio as Black Sabbath meets King Crimson he’s frighteningly accurate.

If Volume 4 era Sabbath had gone into the studio with the Red incarnation of Crimson, and everyone had really gotten into the spirit of the collaboration, then this might have been the result.

It’s doomy, heavy, yet has jazz progressions coming from the feeling that while the songs were written in advance, they were only structured during jam sessions. The result is wild and trippy. A psychedelic frenzy that’s anchored by a very 70s metallic sensibility.

Every track spontaneously stretches out, resulting in an album that surely can’t ever be reproduced live. But that’s the true beauty of 13 – it’s about the zeitgeist.