Praying Mantis - Reissues album review

Double-vinyl reissued editions of Praying Mantis’ most recent albums

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Perhaps not the most crucial reissues of the moment – Sanctuary (610) dates from 2009 and Legacy (610) from just last year – but there’s just about enough here to keep NWOBHM fans with deepish pockets happy.

Limited to only 300 copies each, pressed on heavy vinyl (it doesn’t say 180g anywhere, but they feel weighty), housed in deluxe gatefold sleeves and boasting an etching on the fourth side of both albums, the package is decent enough but not spectacular.

Musically, we’re in a similar ballpark, with plenty of vigorous bluster and fiery musicianship on display – but sadly, the songs aren’t that memorable. The likes of Touch The Rainbow and Playing God (both Sanctuary) and All I See and Tokyo (both Legacy) are solid, accessible melodic highlights. However, both outings lack that special spark to make them essential. You won’t feel cheated by these – just a bit underwhelmed.

Praying Mantis lay down their Legacy

Praying Mantis issue Tokyo stream