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Pop Evil: Up

Moving on from Onyx.

The personnel changes may have stopped but Pop Evil continue to shove against their perceived boundaries as a band, not so much out of a sense of restless frustration but because they are genuinely curious about what might happen.

After the success of their previous album, Onyx, with its gloomy overtones it would have been easy for Pop Evil to serve up more of the same but instead they’ve opted for a more positive approach. It’s immediately obvious from the opening Footsteps that strides confidently above a pulsating groove.

There’s no shortage of metal riffs but the menace has been replaced by a swagger, most notably on Take It All. The attitude may have changed but the trademarks are still intact. There’s no shortage of boisterous anthems and a couple of cool ballads too although the glimpse of U2 on If Only For Now is one boundary they maybe shouldn’t cross.

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