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Poison Idea: Confuse And Conquer

Portland punks return with first album in nine years.

Poison Idea have undergone a number of personnel changes over the years – one of them forced, sadly, by the death of guitarist Tom ‘Pig Champion’ Roberts, since when they have been in hiatus.

They’ve shed and taken on board other members since, including Champion’s original successor Eric ‘The Vegetable’ Olsen. It feels like a purification process, for Confuse And Conquer, driven by the staunch vision of lead singer Jerry A, is 35 minutes of essence of Poison Idea.

From opener Bog, with its inspired bass solo, the group hurtle like lemmings on Harleys towards a horizon of oblivion. Psychic Wedlock opens with a grand piano clearly destined for demolition, while The Rhythms Of Insanity is sheer, cartoon frenzy. They’ve enough petrol to last another 30 years./o:p