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pg.lost find light in the darkness on cinematic new album Oscillate

Scandinavian post-rockers pg.lost wring exponential grace from the gloom on stellar new album Oscillate

pg.lost: Oscillate album review
(Image: © Pelagic)

Pg.lost’s fifth full-length has expanded their lush, cinematic soundscapes further, sounding richer and more grandiose than ever before. The title track’s ominous synths burble perilously before a euphoric refrain lifts the entire ensemble out of the quagmire. On Oscillate, pg.lost prove adept at turning the dark on a dime and unveiling light beneath. Mindtrip lumbers along at a dawdling, melancholic pace before building to delirious euphoria. Whilst the usual crescendo-core post-rock tricks are evident, they’re employed with restrained artistry and a sonic depth hitherto unrealised on previous pg.lost releases.