Palms: Palms

Chino and Isis get their post-metal party on

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If you have any love for the post-metal genre then Palms should be getting you all of a lather before even hearing a note. Basically a mini Isis reunion fronted by Deftones main man Chino Moreno, it’s a mouthwatering proposition on paper and, thankfully, just about lives up to its promise.

Although if you expected Chino’s whisper-to-scream crooning backed by slow-release, building heaviness then prepare to be surprised. Palms is a much more laid-back affair.

Similar in tone to Chino’s patchy Team Sleep project, but certainly of a higher standard, Palms take minimalist post-rock, processed, syncopated loops and delicate, melodic vocals that recall art rockers Minus The Bear far more than anything that could ostensibly be referred to as ‘metal’.

That doesn’t make it any less worthy of an album, though, and songs such as Mission Sunset or the beautiful Tropics would sit comfortably amongst Deftones’ more ambient works. Obviously with a voice so instantly recognisable those ’Tones comparisons are hard to shake. This, though, is a different beast, albeit one that shares their penchant for the exploration of musical dynamism and the knack of sneaking its way into the listener’s head slowly but surely. Different, but predictably excellent.