Oozing Wound: Retrash

Tarnished Chicago thrashers set out to unite the tribes

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You might be surprised to discover that ‘thrash’, means two very different things to two very different sets of people. First, the thrash we’re all familiar with. You know the bands, the scenes/hotspots and are likely familiar with the blindingly white basketball boots and poorly grown moustaches.

On the other hand, there are pockets of adherents to labels like Slap-a-Ham and 625 who use ‘thrash’ to denote something faster, rawer and punkier closer to grindcore than any of The Big 4. Oozing Wound are the missing link with obvious references to both the polished and tarnished sides of the coin.

The harsh, raspy vocals are very urban-sounding and closer to the ‘thrashcore’ side of things, whereas their songs barrel along like Iron Lung bitch-slapping the first Megadeth album or meaty Testament-like guitar gallops infused with an air of frenetic power violence irreverence, the likes of Sustained By Hatred (Rambo 4) featuring awesome soloing and a blackened riff that Skeletonwitch might trade a few beers for.