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New Model Army: a hypnotic swirl of captivating darkness

Tribal rockers New Model Army serve up an icy-cold brew on 15th album From Here

New Model Army - From Here
(Image: © earMUSIC)
New Model Army - From Here

(Image credit: earMusic)

1. Passing Through
2. Never Arriving
3. The Weather
4. End Of Days
5. Conversation
6. Great Disguise
7. Where I Am
8. Hard Way
9. Watch And Learn
10. Maps
11. Setting Sun
12. From Here

This album was recorded on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske, and it sounds like it. 

Later-period New Model Army has become fascinatingly bleak and sparse, the sound of grey-bearded old warriors singing folk tales around the campfire while a black wind howls all around them. 

The ragged rasp in frontman Justin Sullivan’s voice perfectly complements doomy ballads like Never Arriving, Hard Way and Setting Sun

As the song titles suggest, there are few glimmers of light on this album – the eight-minute title track is especially morose (‘Repeat after me, I am the master of nothing’). 

But it all adds up to a hypnotic swirl of captivating darkness.