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Mostly Autumn: Box Of Tears

Studio concept brought to life.

A live recording of the band’s acclaimed 2014 album Dressed In Voices, at first it’s hard to understand why they’ve put this out so soon after the original. On hearing the way the music has been developed, however, it all makes sense.

As Dressed In Voices is conceptual, the songs are performed in sequence, with no breaks for banter; even the applause seems intrusive. But the way in which guitarist Bryan Josh and vocalist Olivia Sparnenn-Josh immerse themselves in the music adds a frisson to the overall impact.

What is missing are the visuals, which were a crucial part of the performance on stage. But that’s a minor quibble. The way in which the band have allowed the album to mature means this is actually better than the studio sessions. Among the best prog albums of the past decade.

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