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Mortiis: The Great Deceiver

Electro-industrial goblin makes a comeback

‘Era 0’ of Mortiis has apparently now begun.

After a six-year studio absence, the former Emperor bassist has returned with a heavier sound and even angrier lyrics. He’s done black metal, dark ambient and even synth-pop, but his latest takes the stomping electro-industrialism of The Grudge to the next level. Yes, The Great Deceiver is the Norwegian gothic goblin’s first release since 2010’s digital download Perfectly Defect, and it’s catchy as hell. There are still elements of The Smell Of Rain with the perky electro of Too Little Too Late but on the whole, this 12-track album packs a harder industrial rock punch than any of its predecessors.

The Great Deceiver takes influence from industrial-driven dark music; think Ministry circa Land Of Rape And Honey and Rabies-era Skinny Puppy, with a little :wumpscut: thrown in.

The moodiness of Hard To Believe and the Bowie-meets-NIN vibe of Sins Like Mine contrast perfectly with the full-on vitriol of thundering opener The Great Leap and the Rob Zombie-esque Demons Are Back. Mortiis are in their electronic prime.