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Mistur: In Memoriam

Folk/black veterans bring soulfuness into their sheen

Mistur album

Formed in 2003, Norwegians Mistur can be considered a supergroup, featuring members and ex-members of Vreid/Windir, Kampfar and Galar amongst others.

With just one full-length release in 2009 and a single in 2012 to their name, In Memoriam will likely be the first contact for many and it’s an accessible (perhaps overly accessible) introduction, with its larger-than-life compositions and sizeable production. The songs aren’t only notably dynamic, but they’re written with care and a sense of depth and soul.

As you might guess from the day jobs of the musicians involved, the sound is predominantly a melodic, folky and heroic take on the Norse black metal template, making use of clean vocals and synths as well as dramatic and considered lead guitar work.

Songs such as Matriarch’s Lament have a real Windir feel to them but overall this album ought to win over all fans of bombastic, stirring, yet tasteful, metal.