Michael Schenker Group - Fest Live Tokyo album review

Hit and miss from the guitar great

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In theory this should be a stunning release. MSG on stage with their three best vocalists, in Tokyo, where Schenker himself is revered. And to some extent it is remarkable, because the the guitarist is in supreme form. And when he gets together with singer Graham Bonnet their rapport is obvious. The same when he’s with Robin McAuley. Gary Barden, though, is a disappointment. He sounds terrible, and a shadow of the man who was in such fine form on MSG’s 1982’s live album One Night At Budokan.

The idea of this double CD/DVD is a good one, reuniting Schenker with these three singers, spanning his distinguished solo career, but Barden’s performance blights much of it. Schenker’s playing, however, is magnificent, and the rest of the band also come across well.