Mgła / One Tail, One Head / MISÞYRMING / Kringa

Bleak rapture from the new face of BM

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If tonight’s turnout is anything to go by, the four bands onstage this evening won’t be a secret within the black metal scene for much longer.

Austria’s KRINGA [7] tow a solid line in occultic black metal and set the standard for the night ahead.** MISÞYRMING [8]** are the new darlings of the underworld and the Icelandic group prove exactly why. The sound isn’t at its best and a little gets lost in the mix, but the young men onstage are passionate and confident, without seeming arrogant.

One Tail, One Head reach boiling point

One Tail, One Head reach boiling point (Image credit: Will Ireland)

Something which can’t be said for** ONE TAIL, ONE HEAD [8]**, who have more rock star posturing than is entirely necessary, but when a band has the songs to back it up, a little cockiness isn’t the worst thing in the world. They fare much better than the last time they played this venue and the crowd are infinitely more receptive, too.

MGŁA’s [9] star has risen spectacularly during the last 12 months and the Polish group have worked hard to maintain an element of mystery – all covered faces and leather jackets, the band take to the blue-bathed stage and proceed to destroy minds. Mdłości I sets the tone while material from Exercises In Futility shows exactly why their new record is being hailed as a modern classic. With Hearts Towards None VII is euphoric, and Mgła are peerless.