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Lowell Fulson with Billy Vera & The Beaters: Live At My Place 1983

1983 live set from the West Coast giant still delivers.

Along with T-Bone Walker, Oklahoma guitarist Fulson was an early pioneer of the West Coast blues sound, and this cookin’ 18-song live set shows that, even in his 60s, he still had the goods.

Fulson met songwriter and bandleader Billy Vera in 1981 (they wrote Room With A View together) and two years later they took to the stage at Santa Monica club At My Place.

The Beaters are a tight, flexible unit, ably backing Fulson in full-blooded renditions of Every Day I Have The Blues and his own Stoop Down Baby, Reconsider Baby and Tramp. According to Vera’s insightful notes At My Place wasn’t a blues joint, but even on this slightly distant and crackly recording the receptive atmosphere tells another tale.

Via Retroworld