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Lou Siffer And The Howling Demons: At Your Service

Petrolheaded Swedish punk-metallers’ second album.

It’s evidently beenabitofa struggle for these bonkers Scandinavian bikers to find a home for their follow-up to their 2008 debut, but their perseverance has paid off with an impressive collection of gonzo-metal face-melters.

Lou Siffer’s roaring, monster-off-Scooby-Doo vocal delivery immediately gives the turbo-charged rockabilly of Gasoline Queen and the power pop of The Devil’s Hearse a very metal feel, while The Howling Demons don’t so much howl as bellow along to every song like a football terrace choir.

It’s occasionally faintly comical, echoing the joyously OTT Turbonegro or Electric Eel Shock on the nicotine wingding of Coughin’ In My Coffin, but what’s wrong with having a laugh on your way to hell?