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Lantern - II: Morphosis album review

Fearsome Finns refine their death metal murk

Cover art for Lantern - II: Morphosis album

Lantern’s darkly atmospheric death metal prides subtle murk over outright brutality. Their technically sophisticated gloom contains the trademark Finndeath hallmarks of forefathers Depravity, Demigod and Adramelech, who showcased an impressively melodic and flowing approach that set the 90s Finnish scene apart. More refined and subtle than the raw and punishingly straightforward debut, Below, II: Morphosis’s old-school ‘metal ov death’ flows in a brooding aggression of spiralling leads, tremolo-driven groove and ragged vocal cacophony. Complex without being overtly indulgent, Lantern’s sleek malevolence packs a punch in more intricate ways than relying on blastbeats and barrage. This depth and proficiency is most notable during the instrumental passages, in which more sombre moments of exploration delve into black metal atmospherics. II is an ugly peek into the mouldering basement of Finnish DM and will surely propel Lantern into higher realms of notoriety.