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Kyng: Burn The Serum

West Coast stoner rock with a classic metal punch

At first your foot begins to tap, then the pace quickens as those feet pound the floor in joyous celebration. Yep, that’s the way Californians Kyng roll on their second album.

The core of the sound is somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and Soundgarden, but the band also throw in some quickfire Sabbath and Monster Magnet moments, as well as the occasional guitar lick that owes something to Jimmy Page.

But, while this might come across as disparate and perhaps slightly unfocused, this is far from the truth, because Burn The Serum is stacked with the sort of songs that cascade with a rich individuality. The staccato thrust of Sewn Shut and the early 70s anthemic American hard rock of Electric Halo are merely the tip of the pile.

Dig deeper, and Faraway has the sniff of Rival Sons, but with a more brutal edge, while In The Land Of Pigs is almost a reinterpretation of Children Of The Grave and Paper Heart Rose has an eerie sensitivity.

Burn The Serum is an absorbingly creative, battle-hardened modern album.