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Kreator: Dying Alive

German thrash originals go all out for a visual overload

Filmed in front of a sold-out show in Oberhausen, Germany in December last year, Dying Alive features a strong, 17-song set showing that Kreator are still more than capable of showing the young pups how thrash metal is done.

Indeed, far from falling behind in the wake of the thrash revival, with their environmental and socio-political themed lyrics, Kreator are more relevant than ever. With an impressive stage set and feeds from a whopping 24 cameras – including moshpit cams – it looks the business, too.

Recent tunes such as Phantom Antichrist, From Flood To Fire and Civilization Collapse – with their increased emphasis on melody and pacing – are impressive, but it’s unsurprising that it’s the sheer violence of vintage nuggets such as Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill and Flag Of Hate that whips the audience into the wildest frenzy.

Bonus features include the usual array of documentaries and promo videos, while a pair of CDs add audio of the show if your eyes have melted due to the DVD’s hyper-fast cutting style.