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Korrupt - Preachers And Creatures album review

Kristiansand-based religious renegades still working out where to turn

Cover art for Korrupt - Preachers And Creatures album

Korrupt hail from a particularly religious part of Norway – a background that permeates this, their debut album. Having turned their backs on the culture in which they were raised, it’s reasonable to expect some righteous fire, a reversion of the ‘zealotry of the convert’ cliché. It’s strange, then, that Preachers And Creatures is so oddly toothless. Sure, it’s angry, and the combination of a hardcore punk aesthetic with Bay Area thrash riffing, can be compelling – No Past, No Future and Intuition being good examples – but overall it sits between two worlds without exploiting the best of either. Korrupt are at their best when they head into more traditional punk territory. SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“88310135-eda1-419b-9c6b-c7ec57cdee0b” id=“94f2256c-02e7-4521-bf9b-8a3ba3ba2609”>Khaver, a mid-paced, catchy track reminiscent of 90s Epitaph punk, is great but it sounds like a different band. An intriguing concept, but a work in progress.