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Korn: Live At The Hollywood Palladium

Where the path of totality hits a brick wall

How much you enjoy this latest live offering from one of metal’s most influential forces depends on a) how highly you rate last year’s dubstep-friendly opus The Path Of Totality and b) how much forgiveness you are willing to grant the band for deciding to play their questionable cover of Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.

Featuring guest appearances from Skrillex and some of the other DJs who collaborated with Korn on The Path Of Totality, Live At The Hollywood Palladium shows a band looking more comfortable than ever with their new material. Jonathan Davis, in particular, looks in better (and happier) form than he has for years – and the show boasts the most impressive LED show you’ll see from any metal band this year.

With seven new cuts taking up a third of the set, this release is likely to be as divisive as the album, but if you were down the front throwing shapes when Korn hit your town at any point in the last 12 months, this is essential.