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Körgull The Exterminator: Reborn From The Ashes

Catalonian cataclysm-lovers churn up the wastelands

Back in the 80s, the threat of global nuclear war felt very real.

Millions marched to protest while TV, films and music reflected the belief that we would end up blowing ourselves to kingdom come before the 90s hit. It’s generally felt that it’s a good thing we didn’t. However, in one corner of Catalonia you can bet there is a sense of regret. Körgull The Exterminator would like nothing better than to ride around post-apocalyptic wastelands battling mohawked mutants and giant cockroaches.

They live in the 2015 we thought we would be living in in 1985. Added to that is a serious love of all things Canadian: Voivod obviously, but also the likes of Sacrifice and Razor (whose Take This Torch is covered here).

These filth merchants move between the out-and-out fury of Traitor’s Gate and the Motörised punk rock of The Stalker. Reborn From The Ashes is a serious slice of manic, fallout-fuelled thrashing that sees KTE at the forefront of the 80s metal-punk pack. Best served with studded fingerless gloves.