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King Mob: Force 9

The Mob rules!

The name King Mob originates from a group of anarchic radical pranksters formed in the 70s. Referencing pop culture and using pre-Banksy-style art terrorism they had a huge influence on Malcolm McLaren and his punk manifesto, which probably explains why former honorary Sex Pistol and guitar legend Chris Spedding and Glen Matlock have now hijacked the name for their new illustrious semi supergoup.

Also featuring Snips (vocals), Pretender Martin Chambers (drums) and the enigmatically named Sixteen on guitar, the band live up to their impressive pedigree. Snips and Spedding who have played together before in Free Andy Fraser’s offshoot project Sharks sound fresh and enthused, while the regal rhythm section of Matlock/Chambers pump and pulsate with a youthful vigour.

They have an instantly recognisable sound; exotic tremolo guitars shimmer while echo-drenched vocals wrap themselves seductively around some 21st-century boogie beats – and it rocks like a bastard. Can’t wait to see them live.