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Katalepsy – Gravenous Hour album review

Moscow’s premier brutes Katalepsy exhibit some international class

Russia’s extreme metal scene often seems disconnected from the rest of the blastbeat-loving world, resulting in bands that suffer from a lack of distinction and character.

Katalepsy may not be reinventing the deathly wheel here, but one thing they can’t be accused of is sounding behind the times.

Gravenous Hour trounces 2013’s decent but unremarkable Autopsychosis debut with a sustained and exhilarating onslaught of subtly progressive post-millennial DM. The production is huge and punchy, with skull-rattling double kicks driving Katalepsy’s marauding riffs breathlessly along, but there is still plenty of room for atmosphere. Songs like Critical Black Mass and the frankly demented Ghoul Inquisitor ooze infernal menace, arguably in spite of their precise execution, and a smattering of subtle, dynamic touches add depth where many bands of this straightforward ilk fail. Strong evidence that the Russian scene is finally plugging into the extremity mainframe, Gravenous Hour is a compelling coming of age.