Kalopsia - Angelplague album review

New Jersey death metallers make an unexpected detour

Cover art for Kalopsia - Angelplague album

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With a serrated thrash groove ripping through its grisly veins, Destined To Return starts Kalopsia’s third album with a jolt. In what proves to be an ongoing trait, this opener is akin to Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding in terms of how these old-schoolers handle vocal/instrumental hooks without losing brutality. Ex-Funebrarum and current Ruinous member Matt Medeiros plays a significant role in pushing this direction, more so than on Kalopsia’s 2012 breakout album, Amongst The Ruins. His gutbusting growls are enunciated with welcome lucidity and his rhythmically locked-in riffs allow lead guitarist Steve Horvath space to explore, particularly on Scorched Earth And Blackened Skies. It sees Kalopsia embrace the rousing Scandinavian melodies of Amon Amarth, and their eagerness to experiment is a positive. Outside of this anomaly, Kalopsia regularly dole out Dying Fetus-baiting beatdowns while avoiding typical breakdowns, jacking up their energy via drummer Justin Spaeth’s rampaging blasts, Slayer beats and double-bass drills.