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Jonathan Davis And The SFA: Alone I Play – Live At The Union Chapel

Nu metal gets a make-over.

With nu metal now a dated sub-genre, Korn are engaging in experimentation, with the band dabbling in dubstep and frontman Jonathan Davis embarking on a solo side project. Alone I Play is a live album by Davis and his band of musicians known as the Simply Fucking Amazings.

This album’s accompanying DVD shows Davis replacing his trademark kilt and bagpipes with a pinstripe suit and throne, but don’t expect new material; the album comprises covers of Korn songs, from the unexpected to the obvious, and tracks from the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack that were written by Davis.

Nonetheless, the SFA showcase instrumental experimentation and skill. Where else would you hear Got The Life accompanied by frantic violin solos?

Alone I Play shows potential for new material from Jonathan Davis And The SFA, but overall it’s one for hard-core Korn fans, though many may dismiss the radical renditions of Korn classics.