John The Revelator: Wild Blues

Dutch blues treasures unearthed after 40 years.

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This Netherlands-based blues ensemble recorded a single LP, Wild Blues, in 1971 before a single, Rockin’ Squirrel/One Track Mind was cancelled before release, after which the band split and lay dormant for a decade.

Although the band reformed and recorded in the 1980s and 90s, their original LP remained hard to find, making this 2003 CD issue welcome for collectors of Euro-blues.

Now reissued, the Wild Blues collection showcases raw, spiky but unnervingly authentic electric blues keynoted by Tom Huissen’s emotional vocals and zippy, Hendrix-indebted guitar solos from Frans Ten Kleij, who also provides detailed sleeve notes.

Sure, at times the band sound like a bunch of fans who became obsessed with American music and named themselves after a Son House song, but the quality of the music can’t be denied. Considering the age of the recordings, they sound startlingly fresh./o:p