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Jello Biafra: White People And The Damage Done

Glorious return from the king of US punk

A force for intelligence, curiosity and subversion, Jello Biafra often seems like a lone voice sustaining the punk rock spirit when all around him are more concerned with selling merch and singing about fuck all.

With strong echoes of the Dead Kennedys’ glory days, White People And The Damage Done is both a new creative peak and a necessarily dissection of the insanity and corruption that plagues the US political system. This is a scintillating eruption of punk ferocity and lyrical precision.

Whether returning to the blistering intensity of the best US hardcore on Road Rage and Mid-East Peace Process, revelling in disobedient euphoria on Shock-U-Py! and Werewolves Of Wall Street or waving farewell to right wing religious nuts on the melodic Crapture, Biafra and his fiery compadres are on majestic form throughout, putting the last two and a half decades of corporate punk inanity to shame and striking blow after blow for the notion that music can be exciting and smart.