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Jaded Heart: Common Destiny

Keeping it old-school.

In 2012, Jaded Heart could only have come from Germany. They have that glorious, Hasslehoffian lack of self-awareness and complete willingness to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the world of bombasticness that’s particularly Teutonic in its nature.

Their synth-heavy metal sees frontman Johan Falberg worshipping at the altar of Dio, reaching for those high notes while taking a Manowar approach to shameless self-aggrandisement.

They have a song called, brilliantly, We Are Mental, and in Higher, they have the worst, clumsiest bass solo ever committed to tape.

Common Destiny is clichéd and ridiculous but, like a sweet yet incredibly ugly dog, shows so much blind enthusiasm that it’s hard not to find it all oddly loveable – even if it’s just for the inevitable single listen.