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Ina Forsman Ina Forsman

How Amy Winehouse might have sounded had she discovered the major key.

Ina Forsman is the new sound to your Sunday mornings.

As the kettle boils and bacon sizzles in the pan, let this Finnish songstress’ smouldering falsetto envelop

you. With its burnt-honey tones, Forsman’s voice sounds as though she’s lived through plenty at her tender age, with all that experience bleeding into her seductively viscous songwriting.

Forsman has an ability to croon with a gorgeously searing integrity – passion, pain, grace and grit all characterise what is an impressive debut offering. As opener Hanging Loose proves, the soul-blues

melodies that decorate her songs come straight from her beating heart. As clichéd as it sounds, this girl was born to sing the blues. Across Devil May Dance Tonight’s shadowy search for redemption and Don’t

Hurt Me Now’s Christina Aguilera-esque dynamism, her evocative lyrics and flavourful instrumentation make this the perfect album to sit back and unwind to.