Images At Twilight: Kings

Orchestral black metal to – where else – the max

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The brainchild of André Aaslie, Images At Twilight’s initial seeds were sewn in the late 90s, when the musician decided he wanted to start a black metal band that pushed the boundaries in both speed and orchestration.

Thanks to advances in technology that make it cheaper to replicate symphonic sounds, his idea has finally become a reality and their debut album is an epic offering. Telling tales of the reign of a pre-man race of Earth-dwelling aliens, this fantasy and film soundtrack-infused album is part feral, fret-bothering beast, part Lord Of The Rings score.

Flitting from savage riff-fests (Lograttin Part I (The Saga Of The Ancient Warlords)) to string-swept, piano-led, melodic brooders (Created To Destroy) with ease, Kings is a dense but rewarding listen.

Though the keys can be a little overcooked at times, the Norwegians’ debut is a feast for fans of symphonic black metal.