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IEatHeartAttacks - Please Just Dance Death album review

Nordic hardcore crazies fling themselves into battle

Cover art for IEatHeartAttacks - Please Just Dance Death

Norway might be home to Vikings, trolls and A-ha, but it also houses a burgeoning hardcore scene. Anarchy isn’t dead in the frostbitten north, and one of the newest bands to pick up the torch is the charmingly named IEatHeartAttacks.

Rocketing straight out the gates with the balls-out anthem Liar packing a lung-popping scream of a chorus, this is a statement of intent from three kids ready to rip your limbs from their sockets. There’s an inevitable air of Kvelertak, but nods toward UKHC faves Palm Reader, and even a bit of Billy Talent, create something short and savage, yet calculated in its menace. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, it’s a dangerous speedfreak of a record, from the swaggering of Refuge Tropicana to the title track that’s angry to the point of tears. Full of more hooks than a butcher’s back room, this is more than just a barrage of noise, it’s a pained battle cry oozing with potential for a knockout second round.