Hypno5e: Shores Of The Abstract Line

Atmospheric metal with a whole lot of waffle

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You can almost excuse Hypno5e for the core things wrong with this.

Much of their tech metal may be utterly without personality and far too much like all the bands who’ve listened to Sikth too much (only less well done), but it’s well played at least, and you sense that they’re trying to add something original and interesting.

But far from making tech metal better, it’s made it more annoying. The wafty bits of atmospheric electronics and clean guitar melody sound like the off-cuts from a post-metal band in the Cult Of Luna vein, and are diverting in a banal, derivative way. But the frequent English and French voiceovers are rubbish, their navel-gazing shite designed to make Shores… seem profound, but actually making it look comically pretentious.

The techy bits are competent if unemotive and average, but the spoken-word bits are irritating as hell, and give the impression of a band overly full of themselves.