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Helloween: Keeper Of The Seven Keys Parts 1 And 2

Vinyl reissues of metal masterwork.

This is Helloween in their prime, on the two albums which defined their career. Now both have been reissued on 180g vinyl, bringing back memories of why they were regarded at the time as pioneers of power metal.

The first, from 1987, was almost progressive in its reach, with a sense of adventure that still captures the imagination almost 30 years later. Listening to the musicianship and expressive creativity fermented on songs like Halloween, A Little Time and Twilight Of The Gods makes you realise the German band were setting standards that others have subsequently followed.

The second album, from ’88, is more commercial – through tracks such as I Want Out, still perhaps the band’s ultimate anthem, and Dr. Stein – but it complements the more exhaustive approach of its predecessor. The two albums together are among the most essential metal records of the end of the 80s.