Harrison Kennedy: This Is From Here

Canadian blues veteran still vital and strong into his seventies.

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Sit up late on most nights watching BBC4, and the chances are you might see a young Harrison Kennedy peering back at you from your screen as he mimes his way through The Chairmen Of The Board’s smash hit, Give Me Just A Little More Time on the Top Of The Pops stage.

Harrison hit the ground running with the Detroit band; supports with James Brown and Stevie Wonder, shows at the Harlem Apollo Theatre.

Latterly, he’s a Juno Awards nominee and the sort of bluesman storyteller that never gets old, both figuratively and literally to look at him.

Like on 2013’s Soulscape, Kennedy’s voice is still assured and warm, his playing deft and sure and especially good in the smoky-sounding Shake The Hand and Jimmy Lee, or the cool strut of a song like Walkin’ Or Ridin’./o:p