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HammerFall: (r)Evolution

All hail the return of Hector.

Yet another band apparently returning to their roots, by some tortured logic this is meant to be a (r)Evolution, according to guitarist Oscar Dronjak.

Whatever the strange reasoning behind the title of this album from the Swedish power metallers, it alters not a jot the fact that this is a stunningly proficient piece of work, all rampant riffing and uplifting choruses, led from the front by band mascot Hector, who once again graces the band’s artwork after being given a break for 2011’s Infected album cover.

Suitably enough Hector’s Hymn kicks things off, with new single Bushido and the defiant We Won’t Back Down a couple of obvious highlights in a set that very much signals it’s business as usual for the HammerFall faithful.