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H.e.a.t: Live In London

Scorchio in the capital.

From a band that believes in putting on a sweat-soaked, full-on live experience, Live In London is a bit of a no-brainer, really. Just stick them in front of an appreciative crowd and give them free rein to tear the roof off. Which they duly do, and with some aplomb.

Recorded, somewhat vaguely, “mainly” at London’s the Garage, the album sounds – rather hilariously – like H.e.a.t pulling out all the stops at Wembley Stadium, the crowd noise giving it a suitably epic scale and atmosphere. Still, whether the songs were played in front of 200 or 20,000 fans, you can’t fault the likes of Inferno, 1,000 Miles, Mannequin Show and Enemy In Me.

H.e.a.t excel at anthemic hard rock, and that’s exactly what you get from the moment Point Of No Return ignites, to the fading echoes of fan-pleasing closer Living On The Run. This is a bravura outing, and no mistake./o:p